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Goodbye Guys

Hello Readers of Fuckyeahshineefanfiction! This is Admin Carolina!

This post is going to be my little goodbye message to all the wonderful readers of this blog. I am officially leaving from my position as an author on this blog, as much fun as I had on here, I feel like it is my time to leave. You guys have been awesome to me and I am sorry to everyone who gave me prompts I never finished on here ;n; I have been writing on this blog for 3 years and I have to say it has been amazing and I feel like this has improved my writing by so much.

I am still writing though! On my own personal writing blog, so I’m not leaving the writing community or the fandom or anything ahaha^^

So goodbye everyone! Please keep treating the other admins and authors well and keep loving fuckyeahshineefanfiction!


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22 Jul 2014

Title: A Bet

Author: aulio123

Pairing: taemin x reader


Rating: NC-17

Length: 1456 words (oneshot)

A/N: I sadly don’t own Lee Taemin. Only the plot. Inspired by my friend’s dirty mind at 6AM


17 Mar 2014
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Get it on!


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17 Mar 2014

1. The Shinee Mansion

2. Silviegold

3. Onew x OC (Original Character)
4. Romance and Eventually smut.

5. Don’t have any.

6. Varying.

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17 Mar 2014
K-pop explained: Onew’s neck injury

Title: Onew’s neck injury
Author: Horramata
Pairing: none
Genre: comedy
Rating: G
Length: One-Shot
Author’s Note: part of the K-pop explained series on Asianfanfics. I try to come up with a possible explanation for all the weird things that happen in K-pop.

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17 Mar 2014
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You`re MINE!

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17 Mar 2014
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Get it on! Chukhae!

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17 Mar 2014
Close The Door

Title: Close The Door
Author: Carolina
Pairing: Jongho
Genre: Angst (kind of hurt and comfort??)
Rating: R
Length:  oneshot
A/N: All I’ve been doing is writing angst and I’ve also changed the ages where Minho is older than Jonghyun^^

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30 Jan 2014
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How to Lose a Bet

Title: How to Lose a Bet
Author: Vivian
Pairing: Taemin x you
Genre: SMUT (what else do I write?)
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3,621, oneshot
A/N: Merry Christmas everybody! I know it isn’t much of gift but I really hope you enjoy ^^

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24 Dec 2013
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Anonymous wondered: pairing: keyxyou | rating: nc-17 | type: smut | author: vivian | tease battle with ice/objects | THANKS :)

HI ANON <3 thank you very much for requesting! I will get it up as soon as I find the time to, but I still have two requests to do first (but ayyy u kinky i like)

- Vivian

17 Nov 2013
Anonymous wondered: bad boy jonghyun chapter 3 pleeeeeeeeease

ahhhh I’m sorry bb I’ll write it right away!!


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15 Nov 2013
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Anonymous wondered: pairing: sookey | rating: nc-17 | type: smut | author: vivian | OH MY GOD DONT EVER STOP WRITING SMUT I AGREE WITH THE OTHER ANON

I apologize, I’m not familiar with sookey LOL ;; is it sooyoung x key? (oh my god, imagine the legs on those babies)

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30 Oct 2013
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Anonymous wondered: (question for vivian) hey vivs, are you still planning to continue the last 2 chapters of roleplay (the 4 costumes HAHAH) LOLOLOLOL

OH MAN I TOTALLY SHOULD’VE DONE THEM FOR HALLOWEEN OMFG. those have been on hiatus for a while, and I do plan on finishing some day but my requests take priority over that fic in particular!

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30 Oct 2013
Anonymous wondered: pairing: jongtae | rating: nc-17 | type: smut) | author: vivian | PLEASE PLEASE OMG VIVIAN'S SMUT FICS ARE REALLY REALLY HOT NGL AND I REALLY REALLY SHIP JONGTAE LOL PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE

oh my god, I’M VERY HONOURED, thank you! I still have one req I didn’t get to before yours, but in the mean time feel free to msg me here if you want to tell me any deets/special things you’d like me to include! 

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29 Oct 2013
All For Taemin

Title: All For Taemin

Author: Carolina

Pairing: Jongtae

Genre: angst

Rating: PG-13

Length: Oneshot

(A/N): When I’m sad, I write angst. Wrote this at 4 o’clock in the morning. I hope everyone likes this! I tried to put as much emotion as I could<3

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19 Oct 2013
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